360 People

The new website for 360 People is looking impressive and the landing page for secondary students has been improved dramatically.

Check it out in order to find out more about:360 People

Sir William Atkinson, Principal, Phoenix Federation

‘360 People is an excellent product. We are delighted to have introduced it at Phoenix High School’.

John Stephens, Director of Children’s Services, Chester and Cheshire West

‘ I think 360 People has a great deal to offer young people both in their personal development and in preparing for future employment’.

Dave Watson, Headteacher, Chorlton Park, Manchester

‘We believe 360 People helps our children to become independent and reflective learners. We are equipping them for the future’.

With Mick Waters and Tim Brighouse as patrons, 360 People certainly has impressive credentials.

If you are based in Bradford, West Yorkshire or the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hammersmith & Fulham and would like to find out more, contact me.  We can then easily arrange an appointment and demonstration as to how 360 People can benefit your school, your learners and their families.