Summer Term Already?

Well, this term has soon come around.  April Showers Isle of Dogs

The last of the Easter eggs have been demolished and I now really need to burn off some calories and get some running in…but maybe once the April showers have eased off? It may look impressive out there but believe me, the ‘bedraggled rat’ look is not a good one.

In most schools, on return tomorrow, Teachers and TAs will catch up on the news of each other. They will begin the inevitable conversations about where they will be placed for next year:

‘Well, I’ve been in Year 5 for three years now and I really need to get some experience teaching younger children.  However, if Miss A goes into Year 3, that means Miss B will go into Year 2 and Mr C just has to stay in Year 4…so that means I might have to teach Reception and…Oh, I hope Mr HT keeps me in Year 5 after all…’

Not only does this term allows us to start planning for the next acadamic year, it allows us to reflect on our current position:

  • What have been our successes? 
  • How much impact have certain initiatives had on our learners and their families?
  • What barriers have we overcome? 
  • What do we need to do next?

One reflective approach I would highly recommend is that of Shadowing Learning:

  • It is part of an effective and robust system of Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • It judges whether provision for identified children is having an impact;
  • It involves looking at pupil’s work, talking with them, observing them in lessons and as part of intervention programmes;
  • It also takes into account the next steps identified from work scrutinies;
  • It provides opportunities to monitor the impact of policies and guidance for AfL, Feedback and Marking;
  • It helps answer the important question, ‘Are we meeting the needs of all children?’

Filming the interviews with the learners provides quality feedback for the teaching staff.

Book scrutinies provide the Leadership Team with evidence to support judgements, identify patterns and trends within AfL and standards, and ultimately share outstanding practice

Shadowing Learning has been initially used and successfully developed in primary schools , but the process could easily be adapted to various curriculum departments of secondary schools.

My consultancy services in this area are bespoke. I can provide:

  • Independent objective analysis with a detailed report;
  • Collaborative Learner Shadowing with built-in CPD for Senior and Middle Leadership Teams.

If you require further details, contact me as regards options and availability.  My running gear is easily-packed and I can run in other parts of the country too, not just the Isle of Dogs.

Bryn Llewellyn, 15th April, 2012.


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