The Falafel and Hummus Wrap vs Pot Noodle Debate

‘A falafel and hummus wrap? With tomato and cucumber?! That has to be the most middle-class breakfast ever…’  These were the words uttered in good humour by @dughall on the Sunday morning of the inaugural and most memorable #CampEd12.

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Organised by @dughall, @Joga5 and others, #CampEd12 brought together some 80 souls from the world of Twitter to Hardnaze Farm, Oxenhope, whose land and barn had been kindly donated by Sue, Mum of @helendaykin.

Following on from a random conversation about training events and sheds, #CampEd12 was definitely a case of ‘Build it and they will come…’  The participants, the ‘CampEders’, came from all over the UK, some staying at local B&Bs, but most opting to camp in the field, despite the forecasts of Minus 5 from @caronstone .

The concept of meeting folk face to face from the online Twitter community was initially daunting for some, my-self included. However, the warmth of the welcomes meant that stepping out of the comfort zone was not really an issue.

The activities on offer were varied and wonderful in their own ways:

These activities were supplemented by marathon football sessions led by @chrismayoh, with the evening entertainment provided by @dan_bowen and  @kvnmcl accompanied by Josh Lord et al.

The conversations and opportunities to learn more during the event were plentiful, especially during meals provided by the wonderful owners and staff at the Waggon and Horses. Oxenhope.

‘Session ales’ to quote @mattpearson, helped enhance some conversations, the most animated of which followed a discussion of the books, ‘Chavs: the Demonization of the Working Class’, by Owen Jones and ‘The Spirit Level’, by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. We allowed ourselves some well-deserved slaps on the back for being present at the weekend, but recognized that the next step is to bring the learning experiences of the weekend to a wider audience. At the risk of causing controversy, the question, ‘How can we enable children and families from non-middle class backgrounds to participate in future events?’ arises.  Food for thought…for the eaters of falafel and hummus wraps, as well as the Pot Noodle brigade.

So, to those friends who initially asked what I was doing for the May Bank Holiday and pulled various faces, you missed out on something very special indeed. Don’t take my word for it, just ask the Twitter-Folk above as well as:

…and everyone else who ensured the success of #CampEd12. Apologies if I have not mentioned you by name…

Hopefully we will meet again at #CampEd13…with maybe some Newbies too.

Bryn Llewellyn


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