Superman and the Corby Trouser Press

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Two days training and three nights in three very different hotels. I now feel like a fully-fledged sales rep on the road and as such, I have finally succumbed to the lure of the Corby Trouser Press. It has taken me a while to get there but I have arrived.

The two days of training were for Evolve staff to consider and further develop ideas for the forthcoming XLR8 Transition Camps. The first was based in Birmingham for the West Midlands and Wales regions, the second in Wakefield for the Yorkshire and Humberside regions. The sessions were co-delivered by myself and the ever-enthusiastic Graham Morgan, complete with his recent RADA qualification.

Both training sessions allowed us to share our ideas and take on board suggestions that will make the XLR8 Transition Camps outstanding. The Evolve Health Mentors embraced the ideas and rightly identified areas to improve. I was really impressed by the discussions and dialogue during the group tasks. It was heartwarming to hear the Health Mentors use phrases such as ‘active learning’ and recognising ‘the need for progression’.

I was also particularly impressed by the way the Health Mentors from the different regions worked collaboratively in their teams.

One graduate commented that the structure of planning was excellent. One apprentice was pleased that the programme was ‘targeting different children…not just sporty ones’.

Funding means that the 2week XLR8 Transition Camps are free, with two themes: ‘Super-Heroes’ and ‘What’s THE Idea?’

Both themes follow a four format day:

  • XLR8 Vitality – Physical Engagement Games
  • XLR8 Enterprise – Enquiring Minds
  • XLR8 Enterprise – DigITal Media
  • XLR8 Talent – Creative Arts and Performance

If I was the parent of a Year 6 child, or indeed an actual Year 6 child, I would be smiling. The sessions promise to be fun and active with opportunities to make new friends and help make transition smoother. Watch this space for further information…or better still, give me or Evolve a shout…

Meanwhile, I am now off to re-draft further sessions featuring various Super-Heroes. However, I really need to remove the mental image of Super Man struggling to use the Corby Trouser Press on his cape, tights and underwear…

Images Courtesy of Google Images:

Bryn Llewellyn, 14 June 2011


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