Growth Mindset: “I can do it…just not yet…”

To those of you who know me, I am a keen advocate of making connections between people, ideas, places and spaces.

This week I have participated in 2 Twitter #edchats. Wednesday’s #dojochatEU hosted by @tafftykec featured a question asking how Class Dojo can promote ‘Growth Mindset’, while #aussieED focussed on the concept for a full hour. For more details of the #dojochatEU – Class Dojo Beyond the Primary Classroom, click here.

For thoughts, links and great visuals from the #aussieED chat, click here.

This link includes reference to Brudenell Primary School, who successfully use ‘Pits of Learning’ with learners in all their year groups. Here is a school endeavouring to change the mindsets, not only of their Learners, but the adults as well.

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The conversations after #aussieED chat also featured reference to the Harry Chapin song, ‘Flowers are Red’. For 2 distinct takes on this classic song, click here and here. As you listen to the lyrics, you will realise the damage caused by certain individuals with fixed mindsets.

Sandwiched between the 2 events, I had been invited to attend the ‘Wall of Sounds Artistic Directors Series #4’ organised by Brighter Sound at Band on the Wall in Manchester. The promo video featuring Beth Orton, a musical legend in my eyes, can be found here.

For details of the artists involved, click here, check out their music and hopefully engage with them via their websites and SoundCloud accounts. If the performances on Friday are anything to go by, you will be awed by the talents displayed.

During the week of the workshop I was quite surprised to discover that one of the artists, Vanessa James was rather nervous regarding performing to an audience, especially given her background in music and publishing. However, in conversation after the show, Vanessa explained why and how she had overcome her fears. The week’s residency had certainly helped Vanessa develop her own Growth Mindset.

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Vanessa and I were also able to catch up on what we had been doing since we last met on a film project at Bowling Park Primary School. I told her about my visit to New Zealand, where I had also had to overcome certain worries, wobbles and concerns, particularly on the Tongariro Crossing.

While on the hike, I decided to attempt ascending Mount Ngauruhoe without adequate preparation and equipment. I certainly had to dig deep into my physical and emotional reserves to reach the summit and just as difficult, make it safely back. At times, the words of the children at Bowling Park, where a ‘Can Do’ ethos is pursued, came flooding back:

You Can…If You Think You Can…”

This blog-post is certainly a bit of a mazy run, but take time to follow the links and help develop the Growth Mindsets of those around you…and yourselves, of course.

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