Paying it Forward with Poundland*

UK Ambassador

In my last post, ‘The Difference Made by a Single Letter’, I referred to being IN Task rather than ‘On Task’ and the fact that I intended to use this behaviour/icon more in the future with my work with Tagtiv8 and Evolve.

It really would be great to see other Class Dojo practitioners trialling this subtle change in approach and wording with their learners and then maybe sharing the successes via the ClassStory feature. This new feature is certainly proving popular:

“We’re seeing so many teachers use this tool to build positive classroom communities, sharing moments with parents every day. Teachers and parents are really loving it.”

Jenna Kleine, Community Lead with Class Dojo

As many of you already know, I am an ambassador for Class Dojo and as such, I believe in the ‘Pay It Forward’ approach. This was approach was shared by some 50 teachers during the recent #TMManchesterNFM event hosted at the impressive National Football Museum by Chris Mayoh and the Learning Team at NFM. There were many highlights and the eclectic ideas just kept flowing, but I have to give a particularly loud shout out to Kate Jones for her passionate presentation. To find out more, visit and learn about SPaG Watch and the Punctuation Police! Also, check out the #poundlandpedagogy Twitter feed. Just remember to keep those receipts to claim them back!

*Other retailers featuring £ do exist…as well as some at a penny less.

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