Disposable Friends


This week I say farewell to my BFF, my ‘Best Film Friend’ as he heads off to Canada with a work visa, amongst books and other essentials in his backpack.

Screenings with Joe allow for father/ son bonding and are never dull. Sure, he has suggested a few films that have left me emerging from the theatre, thinking, “What was THAT about?” Others have been truly magnificent, with a spectrum of emotions and thoughts well and truly provoked.

Particular highlights have included:

  • Boyhood;
  • Gone Girl;
  • The Young and Prodigious TS Spivett.

During our discussions about film, I have attempted to introduce Joe to film clips and short films that I have used with learners in the classroom. From clips of ‘Pay it Forward’ to ‘Dangle’, I love the way film provides opportunities to open discussions and think, with genuine examples of dilemma-based learning. It’s great to see the likes of Into Film, A Tale Unfolds, Lee Parkinson and the Literacy Shed curating films for others to discover and use as stimuli for their own creativity.

One ‘recent film rediscovery’ for me is the sinister and provocative, ‘Killing Time at Home’, by Neil Coslett. I had it in mind that this short film was called ‘Disposable Friends’ and as such, it has been lost in my personal archives. To me, this film opens up endless opportunities to discuss emotions and feelings about friendship and loneliness, especially in terms of certain people’s over-reliance upon social media. Anyway, here you go:

‘Killing Time at Home’

Let me know what you think…

PS: Going to miss you, Joe. Keep me posted about films, feelings and other things ;o)

Image courtesy of Simon Barber.