What is Tagtiv8?

Tagtiv8 Mascot Purple 2

Tagtiv8’s unique active games help develop Learners’ confidence in English & Mathematics.

Our PE activities help Learners understand key mathematical concepts & be more successful with phonics & spelling.

Tagtiv8 games all have physical & cognitive elements.

Learners compete & collaborate, solve problems & apply strategy. Learners create & share their own games online.

What forward-thinking school leaders are saying:

We used Pupil Voice to decide how to spend our Sport Premium. They voted unanimously to buy the Tagtiv8 kit. 

The kids and staff were glowing about Tagtiv8; what a fantastic idea! They all enjoyed it. Staff commented about how it inspired meaningful discussion – that’s what we need.

We bought Tagtiv8 a few months back and it lived under my desk for a while – big mistake! As soon as we opened it and explored the possibilities, we were astounded by the mathematical opportunities it offers, particularly the language and discussion of operations it encourages the children to do. Every class is now using Tagtiv8 to offer maths in the wider curriculum. It is being used for a whole maths challenge day and is being proposed as a learning intervention next term. It is that good and that versatile to use.

To find out more, visit http://tagtiv8.com/ and view the video here.

Tel: 020 3370 4272
Email: hello@tagtiv8.com
Twitter: @tagtiv8



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