About Me & Contact

Bryn Llewellyn: Linking Learning

Building on a vast range of educational experiences and expertise on Tyneside, Yorkshire and London, I am in the fortunate position of being able to connect, support and advise individuals and communities around the UK.

Where did it all Begin?

A youthful passion for Environmental Education…education about, through and most importantly for the environment…developed into various projects on Tyneside, primarily with Newcastle Architecture Workshop Ltd (Urban Studies Centre).

Then began a 20 year career working in different schools in Bradford, West Yorkshire, including three Deputy Headships.  The challenges were varied and at times complex, none moreso than at my most recent post at Bowling Park Primary School, whereby the leadership team successfully merged and transformed a school that had been in Special Measures longer than any other school in the UK with one that was a serious cause for concern.  Working at Bowling Park provided an insight into possibilities and empowered me to step outside the comfort zone.

Where am I and Where am I Going Next?

In 2011, having had my ‘half time team talk’, I ventured out for the second half…ready to build on what worked well and looking to adapt them to different learners, situations and circumstances.  Take time to read the pages, posts and find out more about the services, links and support I can provide.

Contact Details

To contact me, email: bryn.llewellyn@blueyonder.co.uk or call me on 07806 621508.

Twitter: @brynll

Linked In: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/bryn-llewellyn/34/a58/567


2 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

  1. Hi Bryn, Enjoying finding out what you’ve been up to. Sounds fun.
    Good book to look out for, ‘Jamrach’s Menagerie’ by Carol Birch. GIN Club team all loved it. Take care. Jackie x

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