“I wouldn’t take him to the end of the street.”

This was a phrase we heard from a member of school staff relating to a ten year old boy, who had difficulties with behaviour.

Compass Residential

Compass was designed with this child, and others with similar needs, in mind.

We believe that ‘Every Child Matters’, and that all children deserve an equal chance.

We can provide a programme suited to the needs of your children and your school.


  • To ensure smoother transition from Primary to Secondary school.
  • To promote cohesion between children from various backgrounds, helping them to develop new and lasting relationships.
  • To celebrate individuals.
  • To develop co-operation between children and schools.

The project was devised, initiated and developed by Bryn Llewellyn and Learning Mentor, Sarah Hamill, while at Grove House Primary School, Bradford.

Investigation into transition has revealed that some young children do not readily make the move from primary to secondary school.

Based on our previous experiences, Compass focuses on primary children who have:

  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of parental involvement
  • Some form of economic deprivation

Compass also focuses on children at risk of becoming disaffected. Most of the participants tend to be  boys.

The secondary students are chosen using  different criteria.  We aim to increase their self-esteem and confidence by developing their leadership skills so that they can then become effective peer mentors and positive role models to the younger children.

‘These children are walking taller around school’.  Mr Stinton, Head Year 8 Hanson School, Bradford.

 Sample ProgrammePony Trekking at Kilnsey

Week 1   Getting to Know You & Circus Skills

Week 2   Developing creativity with local artists

Week 3   Drama with Cragrats Theatre Company

Week 4   Sport at GOALS

Week 5   Three Day Residential at Scargill House: Assault course, Pony trekking, Mask Making and Drama, Dream Catchers, Folk Dancing, Environment Sculpture—’Dreams and Fears’, Compass Challenge

Week 6   Sampling Life at a Secondary School

Week 7   Circus Skills Part 2

Week 8   Multimedia

Week 9   Celebration and Presentation

Over the weeks, Compass staff lead ‘Circle Time’ sessions, problem-solving activities and investigate anger management techniques and ways by which to resolve conflict.  Staff are able to document the project, helping the children record their own stills and moving images.  The children also document their ‘journeys’ in sketch books.

Success CriteriaSports Day with Young Leaders

  • Children will attend and participate fully in all sessions.
  • Their self-esteem will be raised.
  • Inclusion will be promoted so that children  continue to attend mainstream schools.
  • Improved levels of co-operation.
  • Children are more confident about moving to secondary school.

We measure success by audits of children participating, their parents, adults involved and teachers back in school.  Baseline assessments for core subjects are made, as are indicators of confidence, behaviour and attitude.  The Compass team then measure these throughout and at the end of the project.  Measures of progress are also made at the end of the academic year.  It is imperative that we are able to judge how much impact the project has on  standards back in school.  The use online software allows children and staff to input data, which can then be measured by the children themselves and the Compass team.  As part of the project, Compass staff provide regular reports on achievement of goals and targets to the schools involved.

‘I just wanted to say thank you for another fantastic day yesterday.  The Swain House boys had a brilliant time, they are still buzzing about it this morning! I have only worked with these boys since March but I have never seen them so engaged or focused as they are on the Compass days. They are ready and waiting for me every Wednesday morning and they talk about it all week long. I cannot believe the transformation in each of them.  Thank you both again for all your hard work and your belief in these children.’                                                           

Jayne Wilson, Learning Mentor, Swain House Primary School.

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