Curriculum Design




Do you need to develop a curriculum that is:

  • Innovative?
  • Relevant to the needs of the learners and the school?
  • Going to have an impact on attendance, behaviour and standards?
  • Able to help make learning irresistible?

If so, contact Bryn Llewellyn so that together, we can collaborate on creating a bespoke curriculum that will have an impact on the learners and their families within your community.

“His network of contacts ensures he can build an effective and efficient team to deliver real results.  I have no hesitation in recommending Bryn to anyone wanting to make an impact in schools”.

Graham Morgan
Director, Project HERO
Evolve: A Social Impact Company

“As a coordinator of Creative Partnerships(CP) in his school for three years Bryn proved a dynamic and committed agent of change. He manages to balance the complex and demanding responsibilities of a senior school leader with a commitment to the wider education community.

Bryn was an extremely considered and proactive member of the regional CP network and the work he initiated in his school was also researched by the National team.

Bryn is a fantastic to work with in partnership, he’s patient, welcoming, and open and is able to inspire children and adults alike”.

Madeleine Irwin
rogramme Director Creative Partnerships West Yorkshire
Cape UK

”Bryn ensured that, not only did the creative processes have a positive impact on teaching and learning at the school, but, the work was delivered in an inclusive way for all staff and pupils.

Bryn’s understanding of a child’s emotional and social needs helped to make the work relevant and exciting to every child.  His focus on curriculum development and enrichment meant all projects were managed strategically and left a powerful legacy.

His door was always open and he was always ready to listen, a positive force for all”.

Dave Hulston
Freelance arts in education
Creative Partnerships

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